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Package Description

You will become a god, players will bow to you and ask to be under your wing. You will have access to every permission lower rank has. List of features:

Survival and McEarth:

  • Access to /kit VIP, /kit MVP, /kit Hero, /kit Legend,/kit God /kit donor, /kit donor+,  /warp food, /warp enchant , /fly
  • /feed, /heal, /feed (others), /heal (others), /repair, /tpahere,  /echest, 
  • /day, /night, /sun, /storm
  • Chat Colour codes
  • Set 15 homes
  • Set own nickname using colour codes, format codes and magic colour
  • Special prefix to your name: "GOD"


  • Everything unlocked in gadgets menu (all pets, particles, etc.)