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Package Description

You will become a titan, gods will bow to you and ask to be under your wing. 

You can build your own Bedwars map with others help and if you make it good everyone will play it :D

You will have access to every permission lower rank has. List of features:


  • Access to /kit VIP, /kit MVP, /kit Hero, /kit Legend,/kit God ,/kit titan, /kit donor, /kit donor+,  /warp food, /warp enchant , /fly
  • /feed, /heal, /feed (others), /heal (others), /repair, /tpahere,  /echest,
  • /day, /night, /sun, /storm, /ptime, /pweather, /irename
  • Chat Colour codes
  • Set 50 homes
  • Set own nickname using colour codes, format codes and magic colour
  • Special prefix to your name: "Titan"


  • Everything unlocked in gadgets menu (all pets, particles, etc.)